Benefits of Get Zen Hot Yoga

If you are suffering from obesity, chronic disease, emotional imbalance, depression, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, musculoskeletal pain or unhappiness then please read on.


Our Class Types


Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting.


The translated meaning is Sun and Moon with the balance of masculine and feminine. Masculine is the active, hot, sun and the feminine is the cool,


Deep stretching and opening of joints and restoring energy and peace and bringing you back to your natural self. This class, which is not heated,

Barre Yoga & Pilates

Utilizing a ballet barre for core and glute toning, as well as elongating muscles. This class integrates the fat-burning format of interval training.

Get Zen Hot Yoga

The purpose of our studio is to create a safe place for love and healing. A community that supports one another and encourages each individual to explore within to call forth our highest and best purpose. Remembering that when we share our collective energy and love, we are united as one and not separate.

Get Zen Hot Yoga (“GZHY”) is a challenging yoga studio that is inspired by heat, music and darkness. We blend an intimate experience with a great workout to balance your mind and body so that you too can experience zen!

Kids Yoga

Remember to bring your tiny yogis with you on Saturdays at 10:30am for Kids Yoga. Kids Yoga is offered concurrently with Saturday’s regularly scheduled Power class, also at 10:30am. Click here for additional information.

Our Team

Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany’s interest in yoga began shortly after she obtained her Master's of Science degree in Psychology/Counseling in 2000...

Debbie Dixon

Debbie Dixon stumbled into her first yoga class in 1997 and the spark was almost instantaneous–love at first sight. Having studied...

Rachel Eklund

Rachel’s yoga journey began 8 years ago when she took her first hot yoga class. She was only looking for a good workout but as many find out...

Vanessa Estes

Vanessa’s yoga journey began as a way to chill out after a workout at her local YMCA. It wasn’t until she was introduced to hot yoga in 2010...


"Love it! The instructors are all awesome, and it's a great way to exercise and calm your mind at the same time."


"I love GET ZEN! Great teachers and a beautiful clean studio to practice in! Thanks for making hot yoga enjoyable!"


"Great instructors, hour long classes, dig that they play music, lots of free parking, great options for different types of classes and times. Tiffany the owner is super motivating and cool. Love this place."


"A positive encouraging experience every class. The instructors are genuine and helpful in this safe and loving studio. I came back after a Groupon because my mind and body are at one here. I am so grateful for this happy place!"

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